Bella + Bunnies!

Bella Boo did a thorough investigation of the bunnies’ hutch when she came over! Don’t worry, the bunnies weren’t there, they were still at boarding from when we had been on holiday!



Is there a more uncomfortable position than this? The lengths a dog goes to in order to get a tummy rub!

Sorry about the cookie and the flying pizza! I had to be inventive with face coverage because the blurring tool didn’t work very well!!



I’ve been random riding again!! This is the lovely Hazelnut!

It took me AGES to get used to the double reins but she was a DREAM to ride! I was in a group where I was one of only two people who had ridden before, but the instructor gave me a canter on my own in a field on-route! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS HORSE!