XC with Smartie!

I went to a cross country lesson with Smartie yesterday and it was SO FUN!


Buddy’s New Home!

I meant to post this picture a couple of weeks ago, but this is Buddy in his new home! After we came to the tough decision that he wasn’t the right doggy for us, he went back to the shelter and struggled to find new owners with the time and experience to try and get him out of his reactivity with other doggies. Until John and Jackie turned up! Buddy is now happily settled in his new home, enjoying endless love, cuddles, walks and (most importantly) belly scratches!


Jumping for Joy IV

I went to a showjumping clinic on Wednesday with Smurf (surprise!) and we did a really fun course of about 70/80 cm and we really enjoyed ourselves! 🙂🐴

P.S. in the 3rd photo, the top pole isn’t actually part of the jump! The photo had just been taken at the right angle for the one behind it to perfectly match up!