Denmead Horse Show 2017

On Sunday 9th (last Sunday) Smurf and I went to Denmead horse show!! He played up a bit in the warm up area at first because none of his pony friends were with him! Luckily Sue stepped in and calmed him down:

Then we popped over some little jumps.

Then we conquered some bigger jumps with Ellie and Misty in hot persuit!

Then both me and Smurf and Ellie and Misty went into our first class: best junior rider! We got 5th place!

Then we did Children’s pony, where we had to pretend that smurf was a completely child safe and calm pony and cover up his naughty side!! We must have done it pretty well because we got 1st place!!

Straight after that we did First Ridden. I didn’t have a clue what I had to do because my parents had entered me into it while I was in the other class!! I got 3rd though!!

Altogether it was a really fun day (even though my first class overran by an hour and a half becaus the judge took ages to get to the ring so I missed my jumping class!) and Smurf got lots of cuddles and polos for it!! I can’t wait until next year!!


Hello!!!!! – Smurf