For Cod’s Sake!

You may or may not be aware that usually your fish and chips from the local Chippy is made of a vulnerable species of fish (the chips are made from potatoes though!). Atlantic Cod (the most commonly eaten fish in the UK) is under threat from overfishing in many countries including the UK, Canada, North America and most other ‘Atlantic’ countries (hence the name Atlantic Cod). 

Left-Adult Atlantic Cod which have an average weight of around 53kg!!!

Top Right- Cod overfishing 

Cod is very popular ind is eaten with many things and cooked in different ways. But are we thinking about the amount of fish left in the ocean after the last catch? I’ll guess probably not (I don’t blame you)! In fact in the Irish Sea, cod numbers have had a concerning and drastic decrease in the past few years. Fishery Improvement Programmes are helping with the situation and the population in the North Sea slowly rising again. However there are still worries about the instability of the numbers and what the future of this (in my opinion) quite pretty fish is. 

I’m not saying that nobody should eat Cod ever again because it is really tasty! There are many alternatives to this lovely fish which taste pretty much the same. Some of these include haddock (although this is also a vulnerable species), pollock, hake and lots more! (Sorry if that last bit sounds like a cheesy toy shop advert or something!) 


Top Right-Pollock

Bottom right-Hake