Bunny Cuddles!!

Mum sent me this pic of the bunnies snuggling together! 🐰 ❤️


Ollie’s Hiding Mission!

You can't see me!! I am the first bunny-blob ever to be able to successfully hide behind a bud…

Ok maybe you can still see a teeny weeny bit of me. Ummmm…

Ha! I am now the first bunny-blob to ever successfully hide behind a small bush and a couple of leaves!! Ok, maybe I need a few more things to cover myself up with…

NOW you can't see me! I am merely the patch of soil in between these two rather large bushes! I KNEW I'd be able to find a way to be completely invisible!
I'm bored now.

Can I have my dinner now, I still hungry even after my breakfast, the grass and those yummy dandelions you gave me two minutes ago! – Ollie


Hey Mum!!

Hey mum! 

Why don’t you come out here you look really bored in there! – Ollie

No that’s ok, you stay out there for a bit longer, I get all of the dandelions and yummy grass to myself now! – Amber