Beautiful Amber!!

I managed to get some really nice piccies of Amber this evening…


Snow Bunnies!

The bunnies enjoying (or not) their very first time out in the snow yesterday! The snow did get much thicker by late afternoon, but I didn’t want them to get stuck or scared and me have to rescue them!


Ollie’s Hiding Mission!

You can't see me!! I am the first bunny-blob ever to be able to successfully hide behind a bud…

Ok maybe you can still see a teeny weeny bit of me. Ummmm…

Ha! I am now the first bunny-blob to ever successfully hide behind a small bush and a couple of leaves!! Ok, maybe I need a few more things to cover myself up with…

NOW you can't see me! I am merely the patch of soil in between these two rather large bushes! I KNEW I'd be able to find a way to be completely invisible!
I'm bored now.

Can I have my dinner now, I still hungry even after my breakfast, the grass and those yummy dandelions you gave me two minutes ago! – Ollie