What Are You Doing?

Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that? ME NO TRUST YOU! -Smurf


GoPro Beauty Ride!

Sorry the videos have come late! I rode Beauty last weekend and she was very energetic and excited, since it was her first time on a proper hack since she recovered from a tendon injury. Here’s the link to the vids… Enjoy!


Moon GoPro!

Hi, I brought the GoPro with me riding and got some cool videos of me riding moon! I was very proud of myself for not falling off because last time I fell off twice!! She’s a bit nuts and does a lot of sidestepping!! I’m hoping to get more helmetcam videos of me riding different horses soon! 🙂



I’ve been random riding again!! This is the lovely Hazelnut!

It took me AGES to get used to the double reins but she was a DREAM to ride! I was in a group where I was one of only two people who had ridden before, but the instructor gave me a canter on my own in a field on-route! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS HORSE!


Meet Biscuit!

This is Biscuit, a pony that I rode at a different stables, and we went for a hack!! He was a bit small but it was fun nevertheless!! I also had to wear my wellies instead of my riding boots because we forgot them!!