I’ve been random riding again!! This is the lovely Hazelnut!

It took me AGES to get used to the double reins but she was a DREAM to ride! I was in a group where I was one of only two people who had ridden before, but the instructor gave me a canter on my own in a field on-route! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS HORSE!


Meet Biscuit!

This is Biscuit, a pony that I rode at a different stables, and we went for a hack!! He was a bit small but it was fun nevertheless!! I also had to wear my wellies instead of my riding boots because we forgot them!!


Jumping for Joy III

​​I’ve been jumping again!! One day there’s going to be a Jumping for Joy M (1000 in Roman numerals, because I like to make myself look brainy).Anyway, this was quite a while ago, but it took age AGES for me to pick my favourite video to show you!! I’m in a lesson this time not in the forest, but at least it’s not JUST a picture!! I hope you enjoy it!!

PS. if you are horsey and are watching this thinking ” SHE NEEDS TO SIT UP STRAIGHTER” or something like that, feel free to tell me, because I’m certainly not the best rider in the world! I mean, I fell off that very lesson, which explains my dusty back!! 



Cuddles the Unicorn!!


What? I’m supposed to be a unicorn? You could at least try to make me look more convincing! Jeez! Love the wrapping paper though! Ooooooh you have carrots…..

-Quote from Cuddles (the unicorn)