Rhino Trouble!

First of all, before I start babbling on about conservation and stuff (I will get round to that!), I’d like to clear up a bit of confusion. Most people don’t know what the difference between a black rhino and a white rhino is. It’s nothing to do with their colour (they’re both grey). It’s to do with the shape of their lips believe it or not! Black rhinos have pointy top lips and white rhinos have squarish top lips. 

Anyway, white rhinos are ‘near threatened’ due to poaching (unsurprisingly). They are poached for their horns which is completely pointless because they are made from keratin, which is the same stuff that our hair and nails is made out of!!! Apparently their square lip is adapted for grazing which makes sense because it kind of looks like a grass hoover. That might just be me who thinks that. Some rhinos are unlucky but lucky at the same time; some are poached (not like an egg but you know what I mean) and survive which gives rescue teams and vets a chance to help to save their lives! This rhino looks in a bit of a mess but the plastic covering is protecting her face from infection and ultimately is saving her life:

Black rhinos, however, are critically endangered which basically means that they’re really close to becoming extinct. Recently the deman for rhino horn has risen to record levels and conservationists are worried that poachers could undo all of the things that they have done to try and protect this beautiful animal!! 


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